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Northern Illinois Regional Science Fair - Saturday, April 26, 2014 - Rock Valley College, Rockford, Illinois


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Ideas 1: Archaeology, Astronomy, General Science

General Science

Consumer Science



These  “Idea” pages are intended to give you ideas for areas in which you could research and present information. You will need to research a bit to find a “doable” project. You may make a model (human heart, jet engine, etc.). Or collect rocks or insects or grasses. Explain how weather works! Experiment with things found around the house. Plants are living things that we can experiment on and not harm a conscious creature. Research what is said about evolution and creation. You know those ads on web pages telling you “Foods Never To Eat,” or other medical advice – you could investigate the effects of sugar, salt, bananas, soft drinks, etc. (Don’t risk anyone’s health, though!)

1 Archaeology, Astronomy, Science  * 2 Biology  *   3 Chemistry, Physics  *  4 Geology, Dinosaurs *  5 Medical Biology, Fossils